Centre Resources

The Victoria Shambhala Centre provides access to a range of resources that complement offerings outlined elsewhere on this site. Some of these resources are listed below. Please take advantage of them!

NoteTo learn about resources around the Shambhala global community see our Shambhala Resources page.

News Blog

You can access a selection of news, teachings and other content from around the Shambhala global community on our News Blog. Find specific content via tags (keywords), such as basic goodness, enlightened society, leadership, and meditation.


Located in the centre’s Community Room, our bookstore stocks the main reference books for the Way of Shambhala path of training plus a selection of other popular Shambhala and Buddhist titles. Nancy Macgregor, Bookstore Manager, invites book order suggestions. You can contact her at macg_nl@yahoo.ca.


Our library (beside the bookstore) focuses on books on Buddhism, meditation, and personal and social transformation. Anyone may sign out materials for up to three weeks. We gladly accept donations of books, magazines, and audio and video materials. The Library Manager is Tori Kelly, ktori.kelly@gmail.com.

Suggested Reading

Sakyong Mipham’s pivotal book The Shambhala Principle offers the principle of basic goodness as a way to address the personal and social challenges we face.

The Way of Shambhala “Everyday Life” course readings are suitable for people at all stages of the path.

A main reference book for Shambhala Training weekend retreats is Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Chögyam Trungpa.

Community Directories (and More)

To access the following sites you will need a Shambhala Account. To get a Shambhala Account, click here. Want help? Go to the Shambhala Internet Technology Help Desk.

Victoria Community Room
This Shambhala Network group is an online meeting place where anyone interested in the Victoria Shambhala Centre can view a community directory, carry on discussions, and share news, views and more. For a quick introduction to the Shambhala Network see Get the Shambhala Network Working for You on our News Blog.

Shambhala Database
The Shambhala Database (SDB) contains your personal profile, program and staffing history, and much more. It also lets you look up other community members (if their privacy settings permit). Log in to update your profile and photo, manage your subscriptions to Shambhala email lists, and see what else you can do with the SDB.

Resources for Members

To access the following sites you will need a Shambhala Account. To get a Shambhala Account, click here. Want help? Go to the Shambhala Internet Technology Help Desk.

Shambhala Members Area
The Members area on Shambhala’s central website provides access to a rich array of resources organized under several menu headings—Governance, Practice & Education, Culture & Decorum, Societal Health & Well-Being, Centre & Group Support, Help, and others. Check it out to keep up with new developments.

Victoria Shambhala Council
All Victoria Shambhala Centre members are welcome to participate in centre governance via this Shambhala Network group—a place for sharing ideas and questions, accessing Council meeting minutes, collaborating on preparatory and follow-up work, and more. See also Questions About the Victoria Shambhala Council? on our News Blog.