Get the Shambhala Network Working for You

Shambhala NetworkThe Shambhala Network is the communications system for the international Shambhala community. It’s a website that connects the community through email, groups and friends. The Victoria Shambhala Centre is part of it, and you can be part of it too.

The Network can help you keep up with important announcements, share information within and across communities, carry on discussions (locally and globally, in large groups and small, publicly and privately), and engage in many other ways—all according to your interests.

Here’s more about what the Network can help you do:

Build a society of kindness, generosity, and courage online. The Victoria Community Room is a public meeting place where Victoria Shambhala Centre members and friends (and anyone else interested in our community) can share support, news, views, and much more. Please feel free to dive in!

Network for business, volunteering, and more. Complete your personal profile on the Network to the extent you wish (volunteer interests, business life etc.) to allow others to find you (or not) by the info in your profile. Use the Site Search to find others with the skills, interests or whatever you seek.

Streamline your Shambhala emails. Now you can choose how often you want to receive emails from the around the global community, and you can even select which discussions you want to know about. All you have to do is set your email preferences.

Connect with your practice, teaching or governance peers. In the Network’s various peer-based groups you can communicate with others at your practice or teaching level, or in the same governance role. Share your experience, inspiration, ideas, questions, and more. If your Shambhala Database profile is up to date, you’re automatically joined to these groups. You can use the Site Search to find groups you want to join.

Enhance the effectiveness of your working group(s). Free up precious time at in-person meetings by using the Network to collaborate with other members of your Council, committee, or working group on preparatory and follow-up work. The Victoria Shambhala Council group, for example, lets Victoria Shambhala Centre members access Council meeting minutes, share documents, discuss Council business, and unleash creative thinking.

Create your own interest group(s). With just a few clicks you can set up you own interest or working group. Once you’ve created a group, you can invite others to join it, and off you go!

Post and access regional classifieds. Looking for a ride to a distant program? Or for employment? Or…? Post your ad(s) in Pacific Northwest Classifieds. And see what others are saying there.

Find people through a live directory. The Network community directory is searchable and interactive. Find and connect with others across the global community by using the Site Search.

To get started on the Network, set up a Shambhala Account and log in at If you want help, see Login Help or email us at

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