Leadership Resources Now Easier to Find

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Members, login at shambhala.org before clicking the links below.

Anna Weinstein, Director of the Shambhala Office of Centre and Group Support, is reorganizing key leadership resources, making them much easier to find. The resources are “for everyone playing a leading role in Shambhala, or members who are interested in developing their understanding of leadership in Shambhala.”

The Leadership Resources page (in the Members area on Shambhala’s central website) contains links to materials grouped under a number of headings. The linked headings include, for example:

Effective Meetings and Reaching Broad Agreement. Find (among other things) “a step-by-step guide to the recommended method of moving forward in Shambhala based on a skilful relationship between consultation and decision making.”

Communications and Conflict. Take advantage of “materials that aim to help leaders and members of Shambhala improve communication at all levels of the community and work with the energy that arises when people differ with each other.”

Structures and Procedures. Learn about Shambhala governing structure, governing local centres, policy governance, and key procedures for Shambhala leadership.

Shambhala Centre Leadership Roles and Appointments. Learn about local centre leadership roles and the corresponding appointment processes.

Thank you, Anna!

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