We’re All In This Together

If Shambhala has a global vision, why don’t we partner with others? Good question. Now we may be putting that question to rest.

Over the coming months Shambhala is helping bring together dozens of speakers, activists, writers, artists and political figures of diverse ages, ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds—the very people the Sakyong calls “the global community of people who wish to shift the destiny of our planet”—in four major events (click the links to learn more):


Imagining Peace
Chicago | April 26–28, 2013

Creating Enlightened Society
Richmond, CA | May 10–12, 2013

Awake in the World
London | September 12–15, 2013

New York City Event
Stay tuned for details

All this starts around the time of the (May 7th) launch of the Sakyong’s book The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure, an explicit statement of Shambhala’s social vision.

To find out how you can participate in global conversations about the future of humanity and our planet, see the Shambhala Times article Joining a Global Conversation.

It’s a good time to be humans together.

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