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“Part of the Shambhala Buddhist view is that people are basically good. That’s an important element in the training. The idea is that sometimes our basic goodness is covered over by a thick weave of habits (generated by fear) called the cocoon. Somehow we have become oddly comfortable taking a nap in our little cocoon. That’s why we meditate—to contact our basic goodness, wake up from our snooze and step out of that cocoon.”
—David Nichtern, on Facebook, September 5, 2013

David NichternDavid Nichtern is a senior Shambhala teacher, featured writer for the Huffington Post, well-known composer, producer and guitarist—the list goes on …

He also hosts a popular Facebook community page about meditation—19,052 likes and counting—where he posts his own fresh daily takes on Buddhist teachings (like the one above), and where anyone can participate in his weekly “virtual dharma gathering” video broadcasts on Tuesdays, 7:00 PM Eastern Time. The videos are available as recordings afterward.

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