Introducing the Shambhala Auction on eBay

UPDATE (November 2, 2013): The Shambhala Auction is now closed.

Interested in an original painting by an award-winning artist? Or one-to-one career coaching? How about a night for two on a floating luxury bed and breakfast?

These are some of the items offered for sale in the Shambhala Auction on eBay.

Shambhala AuctionThis online auction is an opportunity to showcase and exchange the richness, creativity, skills and generosity of people across our global community—and beyond—while also raising funds for Shambhala core services.

Anyone can participate by buying or selling goods or services—art, collectibles, massage, accommodations, consulting … The possibilities are endless!

Be creative. Be generous. Get involved! Visit the Shambhala Auction.

If you’d like help getting started, go to the Funding Shambhala Maha Auction page.

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