New Home for Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma Magazines

The Shambhala Sun Foundation has just launched, the new online home for Shambhala Sun magazine, Buddhadharma magazine, and the Shambhala Sun Foundation’s activities.

Lion's Roar

Taking its name from the Buddha’s metaphor for the fearless proclamation of the truth, Lion’s Roar gathers in one place all the timeless Buddhist teachings and articles once found on the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma sites, plus up-to-the-moment news, advice, comment, and other exclusive online content.

The new site is fully searchable, fully mobile- and tablet-friendly, easy to navigate, and good looking. See for yourself at

The Shambhala Sun Foundation is an independent nonprofit dedicated to publishing and propagating genuine Buddhist teachings of all traditions in the modern world.

6 thoughts on “New Home for Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma Magazines

  1. I receive the Shambhala Sun, and I just received a Buddhadharma in the mail. I remember thinking I might like to start get it, but I do not recall paying for it.

    Can you tell me if this account#01965295/4 is through you, and is it paid for a year?

    Sincerely, Jackie Cobern

  2. Hi
    Is there a newsstand in vancouver that would stock lions roar thich naht hanh collectors edition thanks. I would like to pick up an edition before heading back to australia sunday night.
    We are staying in Burnaby.
    Many thanks

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