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Everyone Has Something to Offer

This post features an excerpt from an article titled 2020 Vision Starts Now, by Shastri Rebecca Hazell, which originally appeared in the Shambhala Times in February 2012. It is presented again here because of the beauty of its message. Shastri Hazell writes: At last year’s Kalapa Governance Gatherings across the mandala, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s vision … Continue 

Meditation Instruction

Learn to Meditate

Meditation can be viewed in many ways―as a technique for calming the mind, as a process of uncovering natural wisdom and compassion, as simply appreciating what it is to be human. If you want to see for yourself what meditation is, and how it can enhance your life, the resources available here may help guide … Continue 

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Introducing the Victoria Shambhala Centre News Blog

Welcome to the Victoria Shambhala Centre News Blog, a built-in part of our new and upgraded website. This blog—along with the Shambhala Times (see the “Recent News” box in the sidebar)—gives you a way to keep up with the life of the worldwide Shambhala community and share your thoughts and feelings along the way. Stay … Continue