20th Anniversary of the Sakyong’s Enthronement

New and Notable from Shambhala Online

Continuing their wonderful work of providing easy access to a range of live interactive and recorded video teachings and other programming, Shambhala Online live-streamed the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche from the Boulder Shambhala Center yesterday (July 5, 2015). The video of the broadcast is now available free … Continue 

Beyond Effort

More Shareable Dharma

Here’s another collection of dharma-quote images from an unfolding series on the Victoria Shambhala Centre’s Facebook. Each image is designed to give a good bang for the (time/attention) buck by presenting a gem of timeless wisdom in an attractive—and shareable—package. For a much wider assortment of quote images see our News Blog posts tagged quotes … Continue 

What is Shambhala, Anyway?

Lodro Rinzler Demystifies Shambhala

In the video below, recorded live during the Daily Dharma Gathering on March 29th, 2015, Buddhist author and Shambhala teacher Lodro Rinzler addresses the question, “What is Shambhala, anyway?” He describes three ways of viewing Shambhala: Shambhala is a legendary kingdom. Shambhala is a lineage rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. Shambhala is something we can create on … Continue 

Glimpse of Vajrayana

Video Treasures from Shambhala Archives

The Shambhala Archives has again produced a video of select teachings by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche for the occasion of Parinirvana Day, the annual commemoration of his passing on April 4th, 1987. This year’s Parinirvana Day video contains restored footage from a seminar at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1976. It’s another example of the … Continue 

Meditation in the City Podcast

Ask Ethan Nichtern Anything

In this episode of the New York Shambhala Center’s Meditation in the City podcast, Shastri Ethan Nichtern explains what it means to be a student of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition (starting at 2:00) and opens the floor for any and all questions. Questions asked include (paraphrased): What is your experience of pitfalls on your path? (14:45) … Continue 

Shambhala Day Broadcast 2015

Shambhala Day 2015 Videos

In case you missed any of the videos from this year’s Shambhala Day (February 19, 2015) or would like to watch any of them again, here they are. Shambhala Day Broadcast 2015 The Sakyong’s address starts at about the 43-minute mark. For a transcript of the address see Shambhala Day Address: Year of the Wood … Continue 

Signs of Progress

Opening to Our World

Below is another gallery of dharma-quote images from the Victoria Shambhala Centre’s Facebook Photos. As before, the images are meant to help people anywhere recognize and appreciate innate goodness—their (our) own, others’ and the world’s. Some of the images have been shared widely on social media. The images are posted here to make them available … Continue 


3 Short Teachings on (Not) Blaming

This year’s dön season starts today (February 8th, 2015). The dön season is a 10-day period at the end of the Shambhala year, when the accumulated negativity, underlying habitual patterns and latent obstacles of the past year are heightened. It’s a good time to work with any tendency to blame others—or ourselves—for any situations we … Continue 


Connecting for Good

Whatever you think of the Internet, smartphones, and other modern communications technology, it’s hard to overstate their power and impact on our world. How we use that power is up to each of us. On the Victoria Shambhala Centre Facebook we’re attempting to use technology “affirmatively,” for the benefit of all. If you’re interested, join … Continue 


Diversity in Dharma

Different people click with different expressions of dharma. Honoring that reality, there’s a growing collection of images in the Victoria Shambhala Centre’s Facebook Photos featuring diverse quotes by Shambhala teachers. The images below are part of a series launched in August (2014). To find out more about the teachers and their work, visit their websites: … Continue