Community Directories

Community Directories (and More)

Anyone with a Shambhala Account can access the following sites. To get a Shambhala Account, go to Create a Shambhala Account. Want help? Email us at [email protected].

Victoria Community Room
Located on the Shambhala Network, the Victoria Community Room is a place where anyone interested in the Victoria Shambhala Centre can view a community directory, carry on discussions, and share news, views and more. For an introduction to the Shambhala Network see Get the Shambhala Network Working for You on our News Blog.

Shambhala Database
The Shambhala Database (SDB) contains your personal profile, program and staffing history, and much more. It also lets you look up other people (if their privacy settings permit). Log in to update your profile and photo, manage your subscriptions to Shambhala email lists, and see what else you can do with the SDB. Access the Members’ Site here.