NoteAttention Program/Event Volunteers: Here’s a quick link to our Programs and Events Staff sign-up sheet.

The Victoria Shambhala Centre relies on and deeply appreciates the inspiration, energy and talents of our many volunteers. This activity is part of the social fabric of our community and is a great way to form new friendships.

We welcome volunteers and work to match activities according to interests and ability.
Outlined below are some of the many ways you can contribute as a volunteer and simultaneously deepen your own practice and connections.

Volunteer Opportunites

NoteTo get involved or learn about volunteer opportunities not listed here, contact us via the information below or victoria.shambhala@gmail.com.

Centre Environment Team
Who: Open to anyone
Responsibilities: Renovations, repairs, and generally caring for the centre to provide an inviting and enriching physical environment
Time required: Flexible

Ikebana Team
Who: Open to anyone
Responsibilities: Creating and tending flower arrangements that bring both arranger and viewer into the present moment
Time required: Flexible—perhaps 2 hours monthly

Public Meditation Staff
Who: Open to regular practitioners
Responsibilities: Timekeeping, leading chants, gatekeeping, and hosting—all intended to support participants’ meditation practice and help build community
Time required: 1 – 3 hours monthly (or more often)

Way of Shambhala Course Staff
Who: Open to Joy in Everyday Life graduates
Responsibilities: Centre setup and cleanup, registration, hosting, sound system operation, and coordination
Time required: Ideally, the duration of a course

Shambhala Training Weekend Retreat Staff
Who: Open to Shambhala Training Level III graduates
Responsibilities: Centre setup and cleanup, registration, timekeeping, gatekeeping, sound system operation, kitchen work, and coordination
Time required: Ideally, the duration of a weekend retreat

Dorje Kasung
Who: Open to members
Responsibilities: Providing protection—of the teaching environment, teachers, teachings and community—through awareness; learn more on the Dorje Kasung page
Time required: Variable

Victoria Shambhala Council
Who: Open to members by appointment
Responsibilities: Attending monthly meetings to help guide, support and harmonize all the centre’s activities; learn more in the Council Meeting listings
Time required: 8 hours (or more) monthly

Still have questions about volunteering? Contact victoria.shambhala@gmail.com