Spontaneous Insight

November 10th (2013)

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    All members of the Victoria Shambhala Centre are graciously requested to participate in the Spontaneous Insight to select a new

    Centre Director


    The Spontaneous Insight process is a form of sacred decision making based on the practice of meditation. It is a process of reaching group consensus that leaves the gate open for a touch of magic.  Spontaneous Insight is an exercise in clear seeing and letting go.  We each endeavour to leave our preconceived ideas, strategies, and need for control, i.e. our egos, at the door.

    A Brief Description of The Process:

    • Short meditation practice in a circle.
    • Brief presentation about the process, role, and requirements for a Shambhala Centre Director 
    • Each person in the circle has a turn to suggest names of those who inspire them as good candidates and why. 
    • Those whose names have been suggested comment on whether they are willing to let their name stand and express thoughts about the role.  
    • Participants are allowed to ask questions of those who have agreed to stand.
    • We repeat the process over and over.

    If all goes well, the group energy forms and dissolves with spacious fluidity.  A sense of mutual appreciation and a natural selection gradually occurs. 

    The candidate that we choose is then presented to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for final confirmation.

    The spontaneous insight principles:

    • All present are responsible for the insight as to who would be our best candidates for Centre Director(s).
    • No one can be selected in absentia.
    • There is no vote—no one is running for the office.
    • Spontaneous Insight is a practice of listening respectfully to everyone, including everyone’s voice, and staying open.
    • The group allows space for spontaneous insight to arise through mindful thought and speech and creative use of silence.

    Members should consider possible leaders based on their merit:

    • Ongoing and historical accomplishment in the practice of the Shambhala Buddhadharma
    • Accomplishment in handling themselves in the world.
    • Accomplishment in building and maintaining relationships

     All members please plan to attend your presence is important!

    Observers are welcome but you must be a member to participate.

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    No previous experience with Spontaneous Insight required!