Introductory Evening - Shambhala Arts

with Stephane Bedard

August 10th (2017)

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    Room: Community Room

    Everyone is welcome to an Introductory Evening with Stéphane Bédard.

    Stephane will give a introductory talk on his two workshops, Kalapa Ikebana and Sharing Pure Joy. As well, we will provide refreshments and a social "cocktail" atmosphere to welcome Stéphane to Victoria.

    Those attending the workshops are strongly encouraged to attend. 

    Pricing and generosity:  Suggested Donation $10

    Prerequisites: Everyone welcome, no registration necessary

    About Stéphane Bédard:  Mr Stéphane Bedard, completed his PhD in translation, contributed to dharma texts and books by Acharyas Pema Chödron and Jeremy Hayward, to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoché’s Ruling Your World and the Scorpion Seal Treasure Series, as well as to Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché’s pivotal book Dharma Art

    Mr. Bédard is a Kalapa Ikebana Master Instructor having studied with Sogetsu Master Seibi Watanabe since 1982. A Shambhala Art Teacher since 1997, Mr. Bédard has offered Trungpa Rinpoché’s five part Shambhala Art program throughout Canada and the U. S. 

    Writer or advisor of four Dharma Art Short films and two videos Born in a Broken Heart  and Celebrating the Life and Art of Seibi Watanabe Sensei . A former actor, Mr. Bédard comes to the Victoria Shambhala Centre to lead us in a Contemplative Arts Festival, Sharing Pure Joy, plus an all level Kalapa Ikebana Workshop, inspired by his decades of Buddhist practise, teaching and a creative, artistic life devoted to the Shambhala principles of warriorship. Says Mr. Bédard, “The warrior is inspired by every detail of life. As an artist of everyday life, he or she tries to see basic goodness in everyone and everything and offers his or her art to proclaim the joy, dignity and mystery of an unending path of discovery.”