Community Grief Ritual

with Shauna Janz, M.A.

February 18th (2018)

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  • $30 Program Price
  • $40 Patron Price
  • $20 Reduced Price
Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall

Victoira Shambhala is Please to sponsor this event.

Let's gather as a village for an afternoon of exploring the healing power of community and grief ceremony, facilitated by Shauna Janz, MA. ( and hosted by the Shambhala Center.

During this 3 hour experience, we will explore the soulful necessity of being in touch with our pain, whether it be grief for personal loss or for global events, as a way to fuel our continued vitality. All forms of grief are welcomed here. 

We live in a Western society that applauds rugged individualism and strongly dictates that grief is a personal pathology, an individual problem, and that it be done in isolation. Yet, if we trace our ancestral lineages back, we all once lived in small communities - living a village life. Grief was never done alone. 

In our bodies, heart and spirit, we remember this. And in our bodies, heart and spirit we still expect that the community will be there for us to care for us in times of pain. In the village setting, grief was often seen as a necessary part of keeping the village healthy and balanced. Praise and gratitude were given to the griever for doing such important work on behalf of the community! 

Grief needs the container of community and ceremony to be released and transformed in healing ways. 

Bringing grief back into a village setting is a form of soul activism – a form of deep resistance to the disconnected way our culture has conditioned us to live and grieve.


The afternoon will consist of Council practice, personal reflection through writing, small group sharing, and a collective grief ceremony around the community altar. The structure of this offering draws from the wisdom and lessons learned from grief ritual practitioner Francis Weller who trained extensively with West African Dagara elder Malidoma Some. 

Materials: journal, pen, sacred objects, pictures or momentos to contribute to the collective altar, any percussive instruments (djembe, hand drums, shakers etc) to contribute to the ceremony and singing.

Note: I strongly encourage anyone who is in the depths of grief from a recent loss to also ensure that they are receiving support from friends, family and/or a counsellor. This ceremony is a beautiful addition to other ongoing support.

Program Price  $30

Patron Price     $40

Reduced Price   $20

Generosity Policy; for this program our Patron Price allows us to offer reduced prices for those who can not afford the program price, if you are unable to afford the Reduce Price please contact Shauna and she will make arrangements for you to be able to attend. [email protected]

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