Introductory program for Ashtanga Yoga

October 24th—November 25th

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    Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall


    MYSORE VICTORIA is the only authorized Ashtanga Yoga program in Victoria BC. We are dedicated in providing students with safe instruction to this method of asana practice as taught by R. Sharath Jois of KPJAYI


    Intro Workshops 

    A 2 hour course designed to make a beginner feel at ease entering a Mysore style class. You will be instructed in a small group setting and be given clear explanation of the foundational asanas (postures), breath and drishti (gaze) from the Ashtanga Yoga system.  Introductory package includes: 2-hour workshop-style class, one week of MySore immediately following your course date, and a discount on your first one-month pass.