Sit for Peace

December 27th (2018)

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  • $45 Program Price
  • $60 Patron Price
  • $35 Reduced Price
Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall

Day long meditation retreat

In uncertain times it can be challenging to stay true to our deepest being. However, even in the midst of daily storms we can experience clarity and equanimity, which are always available when we slow down and rest in calm abiding.

Sit for Peace is an opportunity to go deep into this place of simplicity and stillness through the practice of mindfulness meditation. 

This day long practice intensive will be held mostly in silence, with an opportunity for meeting with a meditation instructor and ending with a group discussion. Sitting periods will be interspersed with walking meditation, opening and closing chants and rota. A catered lunch and tea/refreshments will be provided.

All are welcome, meditation instruction will be available in morning.

Fees (including lunch and snacks)


$60 (patron)

$45 (regular)

$35 (reduced)

*Donations of non perishable food items for Mustard Seed food bank welcomed


Space is limited, please register online at: