Shambhala Day

February 5th

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    Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall

    7:30 am – Sunrise gather & lhasang top of Mt Tolmie.

    8:30 am - Morning nibbles and tea at the Shambhala Centre.

    9 am – Opening chants and group practice.

    10 am – Shambhala International role call and address from Halifax.

    11 am – Cast the I Ching for the new year.

    Noon - Closing chants and suggested group lunch out followed by an outdoor activity.



    6:30 pm - lhasang at entrance.

    7 pm - Lhasang and group practice.

    7:30 pm - short break and refresh (finger food and tea)

    7:45 pm - Director presents slide show (history of centre) and brief state of the nation address followed by financial report (Mark).

    8:30 pm - Anthem and social time including re-reading of the I Ching.

    9 pm - Closing chants and group clean up