Ikebana Workshop

with Lee White

November 9th

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  • $40 Program Price
Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall
Kalapa Ikebana is a contemplative practice in the Japanese art form of flower arranging.  These unique teachings combine the traditional forms of various schools of Ikebana with the teachings of Shambala and mindfulness awareness practice.  Training in joining heaven, earth and humanity, class participants create art that shows no separation between the artist and the viewer of the arrangement.


This class is intended for both complete beginners and those who are currently involved in ikebana practice at the Centre.


Demonstration will be followed by creation of your own arrangement, with plenty of time for one-on-one support from the teacher.


Class space is limited,  and sufficient materials must be pre-ordered, so please register ahead on-line to guarantee your place.


Cost: $40.00 includes flowers and materials you will take home.


Please bring the following supplies with you to the class:
- Small/medium Garden Clippers (not scissors)
- Small towel or dishcloth
- Tall large mouth heavy jar or vase (to hold water and to transport your arrangement home)
- A moribana-style container, plus a kenzan  (round or square)
**Beginners note: this means a circular or half-circular container  at least 3" deep and at least 10" diameter
   If you can acquire a kenzan (frog/needle holder) please bring it, otherwise we will lend you one for the class.   Garden centres or florists often have them in stock, or you can order on-line.
A notebook and pen is useful!
If you have questions,  please do not hesitate to contact the Co-ordinator, Linda Gould,  at [email protected]