Town Hall

October 20th

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    Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall

    With the goal of fostering better communication both within the general community, and between our local members and leadership, council is committed to making space for more community conversation. 

    At this first Town Hall, we will offer very brief (one minute versions) of what your leaders are working on, and then we will focus on our new initiative called Community Conversations.  Portland Shambhala has been hosting "Community Conversation" for the past while examining both interesting dharma questions and issues relevant to the community.  In Victoria we are hoping to launch our own version of these conversations. Specifics can be found here, or at the meeting.

    Shambhala is changing rapidly and conversation will be key to how our community is being shaped.

    The basic premiss of these conversations is:

    • Ground:  Our community's shared knowledge and experience around many issues is varied, diverse and uncertain. We each have our own experience and view, but may not have heard or understood others' views.
    • Path:  By sharing and listening to others, by asking questions and engaging in conversation, we can increase both understanding of our own and others' views and experiences.
    • Fruition:  Increased clarity, intention, and unity in our community will facilitate decisions that help to move us forward.

    For this first exploration we will ask some gentle questions.  What brought you to the practice of meditation? What was happening in your life at that time?  What do you feel the Shambhala Centre has to offer the greater community?  We will also offer a way for people to make recommendations about future conversation topics.

    Personally i feel there are starting to be some positive developments in our community, I hope you can take the time to join us this coming Sunday.