Menla, The Medicine Buddha

with Dr. James Sacamano

January 3rd

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  • $50 Program Price
  • $75 Patron Price
  • $30 Reduced Price
Room: Off Site

We will explore Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche’s book, Medicine Buddha Teachings, available on Amazon, as a way to:

  • Spiritually empower all ordinary healing methods
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Support us on our spiritual journey


Jan 20—Recognizing the Healer within

Feb 3—The Corrective Lens of Informed Visualization

Feb 17— Mantra & Mudra—Uniting Mind and Body

Mar 9—Self-Models, Deities and Maras

Mar 23— Menla and Various Psychotherapies

Apr 6—Menla, Cultural Diversity and Current Needs

Apr 20—The Five Wisdoms as Medicine

May 4—From Obstacles to Path


Program Price: $50

Reduced Price: $30

Patron Price: $75


Classes will be on Zoom from 6 to 7:15 PM PST


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