Medicine Buddha: Online

July 17th

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    Room: On Line

    You are invited to attend practice sessions of the Medicine Buddha Sadhana that was offered by The Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche. The sessions occur every Wednesday from 5-530 PM PST. The point of this practice is that there is an inner wisdom within each of us no matter what is happening, and there is also a wisdom in the world at large. Medicine Buddha practice is a way to join these two wisdoms to heal problems and issues we all face in life so that we not only have a good life but we are also able to move more expeditiously on the path to full enlightenment. Further, the benefits of this practice can be directed to all others who need help. In particular, the benefits can be either resolution of a problem, finding a better way to work with a problem, or resolving the karma that led to the problem. 

    All are welcome to attend and participate in this class. There is no charge and no previous study is required. However, it can be very helpful to have an introduction to the practice before actually doing the practice. If you would like an introduction to this practice, or to actually attend this practice, please reply to this email so that arrangements can be made to send you an invitation and arrange a brief introductory session.

    To join the programme or to obtain more information contact Jim Sacamano <[email protected]>

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