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Way of Shambhala

Way of Shambhala: Contentment In Everyday Life

with Hamish Tucker & Tineke Saul

April 2nd—April 30th - Date postponed or cancelled

This course provides an exploration of genuine contentment, the foundational views of the Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life. Open to all. Continue »

Way of Shambhala - Level 2 Birth of the Warrior

April 17th—April 19th - Date postponed or cancelled

Meditation allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fear. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basic goodness. Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level I. Continue »

Way of Shambhala - Joy in Everyday Life

May 14th—June 11th

As meditation practice expands and we develop trust in basic goodness, we can begin to discover the confidence and personal energy to go forward on the journey. Open to all. Continue »

Way of Shambhala - Shambhala Training Level III

May 22nd—May 24th

Examining our habitual tendencies, we begin to look at our willingness to experience life without relying on the cocoon. We begin to engage the world directly and extend the attitude of fearlessness. Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level II. Continue »

Way of Shambhala - Shambhala Training Level IV

June 26th—June 28th

Trusting further in basic goodness and daring to experience the sharp edge of reality, we move forward with gentleness, increased awareness, and inquisitiveness about the world, as it is. Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level III. Continue »