Centre Leadership Group

In this time of transition and Covid, many members have provided leadership in a number of ways to keep the Centre functioning. In particular, these listed below have been meeting monthly as a Leadership Group. All members are encouraged to share inspiration, questions, suggestions, and concerns and are invited to attend the monthly leadership meetings. As well, it is hoped that members will support programs and practice opportunities that can be found on the calendar.

Email messages sent to [email protected] will be forwarded.

Hamish Tucker
Acting Director, Practice and Education


Kathryn MacLeod
Chagdzö (Bursar)

John CowanJohn Cowan
Societal Health & Well-Being


Heather Midori Yamada
Culture & Decorum

Gord ShipwayGord Shipway
Shambhala Database Administrator


Elisabeth Hazell


Myriam Parent