Stillness, Imagination, and Spontaneous Brush

with Heather Midori Yamada

November 30th—December 1st

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  • $250 Program Price
  • $195 Early Bird Price
Room: 1st Floor Meditation Hall

Part I- A Two day all level contemplative creativity workshop

           Beginning with short guided meditations this workshop will include demonstrations and exercises with ink and watercolour to encourage a relaxed approach to spontaneous brushwork on Japanese washis and other papers. In final projects the addition of acrylics and collage will serve either naturalistic or abstract imagery. 


Dates: Saturday November 30-and Sunday 31

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm ( 30 minute Sunday clean up by everyone please! ) 

75 min lunch break byobb ( bring your own brown bag) and snacks

Workshop fee; ‘early bird fee paid in full by September 30th$ 195.00 ( $145+50 mat fee) pricing’ Price includes a non-refundable $50 materials fee.  After August 1st Regular workshop fee $250 ( $ 200+50 mat fee) Space is limited  


In Order to qualify for early Bird Pricing participants MUST pay now no exceptions


Participants will kindly bring the following


Clear spray bottle, toothbrush, 2’ cut branch and duct tape for brush extension, 4-6 small covered containers for colour washes, 4-6 pieces of aluminum foil 6x8” approx. , 2-litre sized ( yogourt) water containers, 1 dollars store white shower curtain

Brushes: 1 calligraphy-type, pre-soaked dark haired, medium sized round brush, 1 flat wash brush preferably dark animal hair – 1-2” wide, 1 round nylon (teklon type) #6 small detail

Paper; newprint pad 18x24” 10-15 sheets, paper towel, rag


MATERIALS FEE includes; high quality black ink, watercolours and acrylics, a variety of Japanese washi papers, including papers to take home, various shared mediums and additives for painting and collaging. Many of these papers were bought directly from Japan.


Max # 15 participants plus two co-ordinators + Heather

Set-up and clean-up are quite vigorous and includes folding table pick up and delivery from two locations in Victoria, so co-ordinator(s) would need to have access to a car please and driver’s license please.


Rota- set-up team either Friday evening? Or Saturday 8 am co-ordinators

           Saturday tea team, set-up for hot water mid afternoon 


Shambhala Ikebana team people receive 20% off regular pricing in exchange for bringing plant and flower materials for workshop $175. This offer extends also to Shambhala Council


Cancellations for emergency health reasons only-$50 mat fee( you’ll be able to receive the materials)