The Art of Being Human

with Mark Hazell & Ginny Evans

January 29th

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  • $90 Program Price
  • $125 Patron Price
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The Art of Being Human - A Pacific NW Regional Online Program


with Mark Hazell & Ginny Evans

Friday, January 29th from 7 PM - 8 PM
Saturdays, January 30th - February 20th from 9 AM - 12 PM



Develop and nurture your meditation practice from wherever you are with “The Art of Being Human.” This series presents the practice of meditation as a way to uncover our innate dignity and wakefulness and to engage fully in the world. Deeply rooted in the Buddhist tradition of mindfulness-awareness practice, yet secular in presentation and accessible to all, the Art of Being Human teaches meditation as a radical path of peace, and the foundation of a sane and caring society.

The Evans & Mark Hazel and will include meditation instruction,

The program will be co-taught by experienced teachers Ginny Evans & Mark Hazel and will include meditation instruction, meditation practice, group discussion, body movement exercises, and one-on-one interviews with instructors.







This program is part of a larger offering of Shambhala teachings, the five Shambhala Training Levels, which together comprise a complete path of meditation. We are offering the next two programs after Art of Being Human in a similar Saturday morning format. You can sign up for one Level, or all three at once for a reduced packed price of $200 (or $75 per program).