Shambhala Day: the Year of the OX

February 12th

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    Room: On Line
    Tomorrow, February 12th is Shambhala Day. We will practice on our own this year, possibly with some online engagement. 

    Shambhala Day Online Broadcast
    10 a.m. - noon PST, Friday Feb. 12

    Shambhala Day 2021 - Year of the Iron Ox
    Here is the link to access the New Year's Broadcast

    Meanwhile, there's always the chance to sit. Here is a contemplation about the year of the Iron Ox:
    The Iron Ox has a strong quality of earth, and discovering what is already naturally available to us. The Ox doesn’t have to look far to find what is needed. The Ox year is also connected with unity, and focusing on hard work – such as ploughing the fields. We are advised not to be too hasty in Ox years, but to take time for consideration before acting or making decisions. It is said that some efforts planted in the Ox year will take time to harvest and enjoy fruition.
    I am reminded - The Path is the Goal.
    A question could be - What field are we going to plough and what crops are we going to sow and nourish?