Milarepa Day

March 17th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Upper Meditation Hall

    Marking the paranirvana of The Tibetan saint Milarepa, you are invited to participate in celebrating the 40ieth anniversary of the translation of The Rain of Wisdom”, Vajra dohas. These songs of devotion of the great Tibetan saints of the Kagyu lineage are by the late Trungpa Rinpoche *and other translators.


           Annual recitation of these songs reveal the life examples of our forefathers to inspire our devotion. Some songs help understand the cause and effect of karma, others like the songs of mahamudra instruct in how to enjoin bliss and emptiness. You will recognize lineage holders Tilopa, Naropa and Gampopa, names of saints we often supplicate in our daily chants.


    Please join us in experiencing the joyful precision and genuineness of this practice. May we then be able to benefit others…


                                   The Victoria Shambhala Centre March 8th


    • Practise will begin at   09h00
    • Led by a main reader and umdze, the community is invited to join in at the 90 minute segments of reading. There will be short 10 minute pauses to allow necessary breaks for coming and going, bathroom breaks. This practice will be conducted in functional silence between readings as we are encouraged to contemplate. Books may be shared at either puja tables and gomdens or at chairs and side tables.

    9:00 - 9:50 Reading
    10 minute break
    10:00-10:50 Reading
    10 minute break
    11:00-11:50 Reading
    Bag lunch break
    12:30-1:20 Reading
    10 minute break
    1:30-2:20 Reading
    10 minute break
    2:30-3:20 Reading
    10 minute break
    3:30-4:20 Reading
    10 minute break
    Bag food break
    6:00-6:50 Reading
    Closing chants. 

    for information on this event contact Heather Yamada <[email protected]>