Sunday Morning Sitting [LH]

July 21st

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    Room: Lower Meditation Hall

    Sunday Morning Sittings

    Practice is at the heart of our spiritual path. Sunday Morning Sittings are an opportunity to sit with others in a beautiful meditation hall.  

    Initial meditation instruction (for newcomers, or for review) is usually available, typically at the beginning of the session. Preferably this would be done right at the start of the session. i.e. 10:00 am.

    Sitting and walking meditation is available to all, newcomers and experienced practitioners. There will be 20 minutes of sitting followed by 10 minutes of walking meditation. (You may continue to sit during walking meditation if you desire a longer sit). 

    You may come and go as you wish but it is requested that, if possible , you leave during a walking meditation in order not to disturb others' meditation.

    There are no public talks or discussion groups, just meditation. However, people gather in the Community Room after meditation for tea and conversation.

    There is no charge for SMS, but donations (Dānā) always appreciated. 


    Social tea and converation in the Community room to follow from 11h30-12h30



    Covid is still around! We encourage people coming to the Centre to continue with safe practices: stay home if you are not feeling well; wash and sanitize your hands; be vaccinated; use masks when moving about the Centre.