Understanding Vajrayana: An Exploration of the Vajrayana Path and Culture: On-Line

September 7th—October 26th

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  • $349 Program Price
Room: On Line

About the Course


Join an exploration of the profound path of Vajrayana that is open to all! This course is ideal for those who are longing to learn more about, inquire into, or refresh their connection to, the Vajrayana path. We will trace the map of key Vajrayana topics, exploring their meaning and context.

Key Topics

  • The history of Vajrayana Buddhism
  • The landscape of Vajrayana Buddhism in the West
  • View of Vajrayana
  • Devotion and the Vajrayana Guru
  • Vajrayana meditation: visualization, prostrations, mantras, and mudras
  • Formless meditation
  • The Vajrayana samayas and secrecy
  • Vajrayana in the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Vajrayana in Shambhala

This Course is for:

  • Anyone who is curious about or wants to learn more about the Buddhist Vajrayana path and culture
  • Anyone who is seeking to begin a Vajrayana path and is seeking guidance on next steps and a path forward
  • Anyone who is longing to refresh their connection to the Vajrayana path and its foundational principles in an atmosphere of inquiry
  • Vajrayana practitioners who want to revisit these key principles of the Vajrayana path

What You will Gain:

  • An understanding of key Vajrayana topics and their meaning and context
  • A connection to others who are exploring Vajrayana topics
  • Guidance on how to enter and dive more deeply into a Vajrayana path


Open to all! 

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