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The Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre is part of Shambhala, a global community of people dedicated to recognizing the innate goodness of all and revealing that goodness in every area of personal and societal life. We welcome you to join us in celebrating this journey of discovery.

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See our Getting Started page to learn about who we are and what we offer. Or meet our community and learn to meditate at our weekly Open House, Wednesdays, 6:45–9pm.

Public Meditation Schedule

Public Meditation Schedule

Open House: Wednesdays, 6:45–9pm
Sundays, 9am–12pm
Tuesdays, 7–8pm
Wednesdays, 8–9am
See our Public Meditation Schedule.

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Way of Shambhala - Shambhala Training Level II

with Cameron Crofton

December 4th—December 6th

Meditation allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fear. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basic goodness. Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level I Continue »

Food Prep for Annual Winter Retreat

December 12th—December 20th

Everyone is welcome to join us as we have fun preparing vegan lunches and wholesome snacks for our Annual Winter Retreat. Continue »

Annual Winter Retreat: Befriending Ourselves, Befriending Our World

with Shastri Emerita Rebecca Hazell

December 27th—January 9th (2016)

This retreat will include short talks, discussion groups, contemplative lunches, and plenty of time to let your mind rest. Beginners and seasoned meditators are welcome. Continue »

The Seasons of Mindful Heart: Bringing Your Relationships to the Path

with Acharya Susan Chapman

January 15th—January 17th (2016)

In this special weekend workshop we will explore the challenge of bringing our relationships to the path of mindfulness and compassion. Open to all. Continue »

Featured News (More »)

Beyond Success and FailureBeyond Success and Failure

Part of Shambhala Mountain Center’s recent “Awake in the World” event, this video features a delightful exploration of “success” and “failure” with thought leader Seth Godin and Shambhala teacher Susan Piver. Continue »